Who We Are

Mission, Vision and Values

WomanCare is a Christian based organization that is a resource centre which provides accurate information and ongoing compassionate care to those impacted by an unexpected pregnancy

We understand that we, ourselves have received grace and compassion and wish to share that with our community. We do this by striving to respect, empower, and support each and every client we serve.

We offer FREE peer-lead programs and services that are committed to:

Empowering Individuals to make fully informed and self-directed decisions. We do this by offering information that is accurate, evidence-based and non-judgmental.

Creating Safety by supporting individuals in making decisions that are consistent with their values and by providing supports for all pregnancy outcomes. 

Creating Options by offering programs and services that address the cultural, social, spiritual and economic concerns which cause individuals to see abortion as their only option to unexpected pregnancy.

All services are confidential and offered regardless of race, colour, religion, creed, national origin, age, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle or circumstances.

What We Do

WomanCare Pregnancy Centre provides whole-person care that includes the physical, mental, social, financial, intellectual and spiritual needs of our clients.

All services are free, optional, and client-led. All services are available for both men and women.

  • Support Services
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Pregnancy Decision-making Support
  • Support After Abortion
  • Practical Help
  • Maternity and infant supplies for individuals with financial limitations
  • Resource information for community services

Who We Serve

Our Clients & Our Community

Our Clients

Many of our clients have limited support systems and limited resources which all contribute to a cycle of limited choices. This can often lead to feelings of ambivalence when it comes to pregnancy options.

We provide alternatives and options for women and families who may feel that they have no other choice but an unwanted abortion. We work with them to reduce the economic, educational and isolation barriers to parenting.

We create a safe environment by supporting individuals in making informed decisions that are consistent with their own values and by providing supports for all pregnancy outcomes.

Our Community

Our clients often feel alone, and many of them are isolated from friends and family physically because of a move or immigration, work or unsupportive relationships. Clients who are new to Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows often feel isolated from this community. Our role is to provide not only a personal link, but also a community link. We do this in a number of ways and offer the following free services:

  • New parents groups
  • Practical skills training through BrightCourse
  • Church groups
  • Support after abortion

There are many ways you can help us support families in our community.

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