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pregnancy-testIf you think you might be pregnant, WomanCare can provide you with a free and confidential pregnancy test on-site. If your test is negative, our trained peer counselors will offer you information on STD’s and STD testing.

If your test is positive, or you already know you are pregnant, be assured that we are committed to providing you with accurate information on all of your options in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. We recognize that facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a very tough thing to do.



Options for you to consider are:

Parenting — carrying the pregnancy to term and raising the child yourself (You may be interested in our maternity and baby clothing support program)

Adoption — carrying the pregnancy to term and making an adoption plan (You may be interested in a referral to an adoption agency)

Foster Care — carrying the pregnancy to term and placing the child in another home for period of time (You may be interested in finding out how this might work for you)

Abortion — discontinuing the pregnancy (You may in interested in the different types of abortions and how abortion might affect you afterwards)

We realize that the fears and uncertainties you may be facing can be overwhelming. We care about what happens to you and encourage you to contact us to make an appointment. All of our services are free and confidential.